Practice Tapes EP

by The Tony Cliftons

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Some songs recorded over practices that are not released.


released August 27, 2011



all rights reserved


The Tony Cliftons Denton, Texas

Ignoring everything that could ever be considered good taste. These charming and sensitive young men bring you unfiltered Shit-Talk Punk Rock from skrate out da Denton TX. Part standup comedy, part music with a dash of general jackassery. If you leave the shows happy, angry, annoyed, or confused.....mission accomplished. ... more

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Track Name: Hippie Seeking Bullet
Hippie Seeking Bullets
by: The Tony Cliftons

Hippie Seeking Bullets X2

They were sitting in a drum circle enjoying all the beats
A shot from 50 miles away just knocked them from their seats
The conga line of stoner girls were all there laid out dead
Their blood was splattered on the wall and in their dirty dreads

Hippie Seeking Bullets X2

Hippie seeking bullets never miss their mark
You can take them out from behind your back while raining in the dark
The president has passed a law requiring you and me
To pick up the 20 cases that they're giving us for free

Hippie Seeking Bullets X2

So cut your hair and take a bath and wash those dirty feet
Get off the bike and get a job and eat at Mickey D's
Hippie seeking bullets are cleaning up your town
So change your ways, you drowsy pricks, before you get shot down

Hippie Seeking Bullets X2
Track Name: Thanks For Nothing John
What the hell am I doing in my yard?
My brain was feeling fine, now I'm a retard
I've gotta wash the blood out of my hair
I've gotta zombie walk up these stairs
My guts are shaking me inside,
but we've got a show to play tonight
So I guess I finally understand
Why I've got another drink in my goddamn hand
It's just another day with another way to waste a fucking dime
Our alcohol abuse won't make the news cuz we do it all the time
Watching the world spinning around
is the only thing keeping me from falling down
My tolerance goes straight from good to great
with all my friends in town
The beer can't help but please
but the whiskey's gonna knock you to your knees
It's like a cultural disease
when John Jameson's controlling me
We ain't got much to lose. You look confused, but you'll get it in good time
The punch line's custom fit. Sit back and wait for it. It's gonna blow your fucking mind
John Jameson's controlling me.
Track Name: Today You Love, Tomorrow The World
I'm a shock trooper in a stupor, yes I am.
I'm a nazi shatze and I fight for the fatherland

Little German boy being pushed around
Little German boy in a German town

Today your love, tomorrow the world